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 17 June, 2009

Swingers threesome sex

 14 March, 2017

Swinger Slut Janey Stars in Sexy Threesome Sex

Mmmm, there’s nothing quite like watching a candid shot of amateur porn. This is especially true if it’s a cum inducing smoking hot threesome with none other than Janey and her married swingers that just can’t get enough British sex. These naughty hedonistic Brits love threesomes like they love football, only their passions for U.K. porn runs deep and it’s thoroughly clear when you see the raw animal hunger these sexy swingers display. Janey rides Stephen as Marie makes sure his stiff sausage stays within the confines of Janey’s sopping wet twat and Stephen’s shaft emerges each time from Janey’s snatch glistening from all the delectable cunt juices trapped in her trimmed pussy. The horny lezzers then take turns hungrily licking each other’s trimmed pussies as Stephen’s rigid rod impales Janey and then Marie like an out of control piston. This ultra hot threesome ends with a hot load of milky cum on Janey’s pretty face that she gets on her fingers and licks clean like the naughty swinger slut she is.

Amateur porn that includes some raw animal group sex fucking is just the brand of exhibitionist temptations that you’ll get when you watch what happens when afternoon tea is replaced by delicious debauchery. Janey meets some new swingers for what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in Bristol but once the lazy afternoon conversation took a provocative turn into a discussion about voyeur sex it was clear that her new swinger friends had other plans in mind. With a group fuck-fest brewing, Janey took it upon herself to begin kissing her new married exhibitionist lovers, which felt completely natural to her. In no time, Janey finds herself in nothing more than her black thigh-high stockings and a smile as Marc marinates his face in her wet snatch as his wife Sarah sucks on Janey’s erect nipples. The remaining voyeur couples drooled over the horny exhibitionists and everyone gets to cum in this salacious display of an ecstasy filled group sex party

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